This is a laminated resource that can be sent to you or you can collect for free from CM3.  All products in this game are laminetd using strong 250mic laminating pouches.


24 CVC words and matching picture cards.

Use this resource as a simple matching game or to play bingo with.

The picture cards are bright and attractive, and the word cards include sound buttons under each letter to help with blending and segmenting.  Touch each sound button, say the sound, then try blending together.


The words and pictures are colour coded and organised so that they can be introduced as and when your child learns new letter sounds:

Pink cards cover the sounds s, a, t, p, i & n.

Yellow cards are for when these letters are then introduced - m, d, g, o, c

Blue - e, u, r, h, b

Orange - f, l, v, w, x, z


I hope you're little one has fun practising their reading, and you find this resource helpful.

CVC word/picture match