This is a laminated resource that can be sent to you or you can collect for free from CM3.  All products in this game are laminetd using strong 250mic laminating pouches.


This 'Dial a word' game covers digaraphs and trigraphs from Phase 3 'Letters and Sounds'.  It includes 6 phone cards and 53 accompanying picture cards, grouped accordingly to the order in which they are introduced to children (ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee...)


Pick a picture card, then try to segment the sounds and press the buttons to spell the words.  Or work with a friend.  One person dials a word and the other then blends the sounds to find the corresponding picture.  

Great for blending and segmenting practise!


Add some balls of playdough to the buttons to add a fun and tactile element to the game. (Please note Playdoh is not included in your purchase)

'Dial a Word' Phase 3 digraphs & trigraphs