This is a laminated resource, using strong 250micron laminating pouches.


* Match the pictures to their initial letter sounds. *


The letter and picture cards are colour coded so it is easy to see which pictures belong to which letter card.

The cards are organised into the order in which letters are introduced to the children, in the widely used 'Letters and Sounds' scheme.  (This is also the order that we follow in our pre-school phonics classes) (Pack includes pictures and letters for 24 letters of the alphabet - Does not include X and Q)


Use this resource to...

- Play a simple matching game.

- Play Bingo!  Turn over the pictures and find one at a time to match to the letters until you have 3 in a row!

- Search, find & match.  Hide the picture cards around the room/garden/in a sensory tray or bucket, then bring them back to the letter card to match one at a time as you find them. 


Have fun learning little ones!

Initial Sound Picture Match