Your Sound Spotting bag contains:

 - 4 sound spotting cards featuring Buttons the bear and each letter of the alphabet.

 - a googly eye sound spotting *toy to place on your finger when spotting sounds.

 - 4 letter dice featuring 24 letters of the alphabet.

 - Children's *tweezers.

 - A bag of mixed colour mini pom poms.

 - Fine motor activity card.

 - 85g pot of *Play-Doh.

 - Play dough activity card.

 - Alphabet flashcards - each letter of the alphabet is featured with an accompanying picture

 - 2 dancing *scarves.

 - Cotton drawstring **bag, branded with the 'Sound Buttons Phonics' logo, to keep all of your items in.


There are endless opportunities for games that you can play with the items in your Sound Spotting bag.  

Roll the dice, say the sound and point to it on a sound spotting card, using your googly eye sound spotters.

Or why not roll and then find an item in your house that begins with the letter shown on your dice?

Tweezers and mini pom poms are included to help develop fine motor skills.  Use one of the many suggested activities on the 'Fine Motor Actvity' card, to play games with these items.

Have fun being creative with your Play-Doh or use one of the activities suggested on the Play dough activity card, to link your play dough fun, to letters! (Playing with dough is great for building up those little hand muscles, ready for writing)

Use the flash cards to simply try and recognise sounds, or order some to make words.

Have fun dancing with the scarves or use them to try and make letter shapes in the air.  (Great for developing gross motor skills, which is also important for our future writers)


*Colours of items may vary from those shown in the picture

**Colour of bag may vary.  It will either be 'natural' (as shown in the picture) or white

Sound Spotting Bag (Pre-School)

  • Please be aware of small parts, in this product (dice and mini pom poms).  It is therefore, not suitable for any child under 3 years old or whom still place items in their mouth.

  • Please be aware of associated allergies linked wth Play-Doh.

    Play-Doh contains wheat.