After School Phonics


What's it all about?

These classes are for children who have begun learning digraphs and trigraphs.

They are fun, interactive, 45 minute sessions, full of games and learning through play.  We will practise recognising digraphs and trigraphs, reading words containing those sounds and will use our segmenting skills to practise spelling. 

Where and when?
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After school classes are held in the hall adjacent to The Little Bears Nursery, Maldon Road, Hatfield Peverel, CM3 2HS.

It is a lovely spacious, clean hall with plenty of room for us to run and throw beanbags etc... whilst practising our phonics skills.

There is parking onsite and toilets are located in the same building as the hall.




3:30pm - Reception/Phase 3 sounds - ONLY 1 SPACE LEFT!

4:45pm - KS1/Phase 5 sounds


Classes begin on 16th June and will run for 5 weeks.

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How much?

£7.50 per week.

You can pay for your first session as a one off trial, before signing up the the rest of the block of classes.

Who will be there?

You are not required to stay with your child at these sessions.

You can drop them off at the required start time and collect them 45 minutes later.

The children will be in my care for the 45 minute class, and I will have your contact details if I need to get in touch.  If you wish to see my teaching qualifications, insurance, first aid certificate or DBS please just ask.

The classes stated above give an indication of the year group your child might be in if learning the sounds in those phases.  However this is just a guide.  Please enrol your child in the class that suits their level of learning.  If you are unsure, please get in touch or refer to the sounds in each of the phases on my FREE sound mats.  You can find and download these in my shop. 

COVID Safety

Once you have booked on, I will send you details of our infections control and COVID safety measures, but you can also read more here.

How do I book?

Please contact me if you would like to book a space.

Spaces are limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.