This video class recaps and focusses on the first 3 digraphs in Phase 5 - ay, ou and ie.  These are alternative ways of writing the ai, ow and igh phonemes they may have already learnt.


Children have the opportunity to practise making the sounds and recognising them.  We read words together containing the digraphs, and then children are encouraged to read words by themselves.

We then play a game to practise spelling words containing the graphemes and finish with a sentence writing section.


Games such as "Push the Playdough!", "Pick a picture" and 'Spin that Sound!' feature, alongside the lovable Buttons the bear.  


I hope your little one has fun practising these graphemes with this online video class.


The video link is on the attached PDF, once you have purchased this item, and the link is then yours to watch and use as many times as you wish.

Phonics class - Practise ay, ou & ie