This Downloadable Easter Phonics Pack is crammed full of fun Easter themed activities and games for you little learners.


The phonics activities in the Reception set cover single letter sounds & phase 3 digraphs/trigraphs. There are a mixture of Sound spotting and word reading activities.


When you purchase this set you will be able to download all of the following:


- Bunny Feet Sound cards – phase 3.


- Bunny Hop Speed read – hop from paw to paw saying the sounds and try to beat your time! (Single letters & Phase 3)


- Feed the Bunnies – Match the sounds and the pictures by feeding the bunnies the correct carrots. (Phase 3)


- Colour by Sounds - Use the phoneme and colour key to colour the Easter eggs. (Single letters & Phase 3)


- Egg & Basket match – Read the words on the baskets and match to the correct picture eggs. (CVC & Phase 3)


- Easter Real or Nonsense. Read the words and decide if they are real or nonsense words by putting them in either the bin or the Easter basket. (CVC & Phase 3)


- Spotty Egg – Decorate the Easter egg by colouring in the spots and saying the phonemes as you go. (Phase 3)


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Reception Easter Phonics Pack

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