This Recpetion lockdown learning pack is crammed full of fun educational activities.


The phonics activities in the Reception set cover single letter sounds and phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs.



When you purchase this set you will be able to download all of the following:


- Sound Mats for all phases


- Sound Snake - single letter sounds ( follow the sounds and beat your time!)

- Sound Snake - Phase 3 digraphs/trigraphs.


- Real or Nonsense Cut & Stick acivity - CVC. (Read the words and decide if they are real or nonsense words.  Stick Buttons the bear next to the real words, and an alien next to the nonsense words.)

-Real or nonsense Cut & Stick activity - phase 3.


- Add the Sound Buttons.   - CVC (Use Playdough or a pen to add sound buttons to the CVC words, then read them and choose the correct picture.)

- Add the Sound Buttons.   - Phase 3.


- Colour Buttons the Bear's friends. - Single Letter sounds (Use the phoneme and colour key at the bottom, to choose the correct colours.)

- Colour Buttons the Bear's friends. - Phase 3.


- Peg cards.  - Initial sounds (Look at the picture and put a peg on the correct letter to match.)

- Peg cards.  - Phase 3.


If all items in this pack were listed seperately the cost would be £9.80, however I am selling them as a pack for just £5, saving you £4.80!

I hope your little one has fun with these activities.


Be sure to save the download to your computer.  Otherwise the link will only last 30 days.

Reception/Year 1 Lockdown Learning Pack

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£2.45Sale Price