Christmas Tutoring Fun!

Well it's my favourite time of the year, and it's been a fantastic excuse to plan some exciting Christmas themed activities for tutoring.

This week, the bright buttons that I tutor, have enjoyed collecting gingerbread men in exchange for correctly read high frequency words...

...after searching for them in the ball pit of course!

We also delved into the snow to find baubles to match some of the phonic sounds we've been learning:

After thinking carefully about all of the sounds needed to write words, Christmas objects were carefully labelled:

And those cheeky elves proved great inspiration for some fantastic sentence writing (complete with full stops and capital letters):

Looking for some inspiration to encourage your little button to continue their learning in the Christmas holidays? Why not give them a goodbye letter from their elf or Santa to read? If your little one is able to, encourage them to write thank you cards to family and friends for their kind gifts, or at a lower level, can they sign their name on the bottom of your thank you cards?

If they've been learning any particular letter sounds recently, can they spot them on any of your Christmas cards? Your child could cut them out and make a 't' collage for example. Draw a big letter 't' in the middle of some paper, get them to stick all of the t's they have cut out around it and draw pictures of any presents or objects around the house beginning with t too.

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