Learning doesn’t have to be boring! - Coral alphabet making in Bali

So, even though my lovely little one is far too young to know or even recognise any of the letters of the alphabet, she had so much fun collecting pieces of washed up coral on the beach. I then showed her how we could use the coral to place them in different positions to make the letters of the alphabet. 

By this point I think I was then having more fun than Clara as she toddled off to do more digging in the sand with her bucket and spade. (Another fun way to keep improving those gross motor skills) 

Mr Button and I were even quite competitive in trying to find the perfect shapes for the letters. Something 3 & 4+ year olds would love also! 

We found that the letter ‘Y’ was quite easy to come by, but if you look carefully you can even find an ‘X’

I wonder what letter shapes you might spot or make, next time you’re on the beach with your little one? 

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